Passerby’s only notable defining feature is that it is Australian, an exotic creature uncommonly found on the internet. Observe as it spends its free time playing games and watching foreign cartoons while skillfully avoiding its natural predators: dropbears and UV rays. On the vast plains of the blogosphere one can sometimes hear its distinctive hunting call, guttural sounds made by ranting about some part of his hobbies he happened to find meaningful.

Out of the wild, Passerby can also be found on reserves like Random Curiosity, where its main stunt is to write weekly impressions of airing anime.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I just read your review (impressions?) of Mushishi Zoku Shou – 13. I’ve read a lot of Mushishi reviews, especially of Mushishi Zoku Shouku 1 episodes, and my goodness. Many were just okay or quite good. Yours too, but my goodness, this part:

    “Guilt casts a long shadow over many lives, and shadows are the longest at dusk. The Lingering Crimson is an offer of two choices: living in an eternal twilight with the Oomagadoki, or living in an eternal twilight with your sin. To simply forget the past, and remain unaware of its shadows, may be the only mercy we can be offered.”

    This just has to be said: I hope you continue writing.


    • Thanks for the encouragement. I do try. But less credit to me, and more credit to Mushishi as being the kind of show that inspires.


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