Persona 3 Movie – Developing the Silent Protagonist

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As a gamer, and as a masochistically idealistic gamer, I see games as being potentially the storytelling medium of our age. Interactivity has a way of capturing the imagination, like it did for performing arts long ago. And when a game gets adapted back to a non-interactive medium (say, anime), I see it as a good opportunity for a case study.

It is in this context that I want to talk about the second Persona 3 movie, the whimsically named Midsummer Knight’s Dream. Spoilers ahoy.

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The Three Episode Rule: Kantai Collection

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The general rule of browsing anime is that you give them one episode to hook you, then three episodes to impress you. If there was something amazing a series was going to do, then three episodes is plenty of time to do it in. And, perhaps knowing this, if an anime is planning a shift in tone, a surprising twist, or an early spike in tension, then episode 03 is when they usually execute it.

The Kantai Collection –KanColle- anime has adhered to this convention, and since I did intro it over on Random Curiosity I thought I should say something more about it.

Spoilers for the KanColle anime and Puella Magi Madoka Magica after the break.

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Zankyou no Terror just finished and I seem to have liked it more than some people did. As a rusted-on anime apologist I feel obligated to write something on its behalf. Since Zankyou no Terror is such a thematically heavy show let’s get into that. In particular, we’ll focus on the Oedipus story, and the characters Five and Lisa.
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Sound Design in Comedy

Actually, this is more sound design in horror, isn’t it?

Some time ago I mentioned that I really should write something about sound design in comedy. We’re finally getting to that today. We’ll be doing a case study at some point, and since it was Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun that prompted this topic (and we should commemorate the end of a great show) let’s pick an episode from that. For simplicity’s sake we’ll stick with just the first episode. Everyone’s watched that, right? If you haven’t you really should. For one, you need to if you want to keep up with everything we’ll be referencing. It’s also a really funny series. Go on. We’ll wait.
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An Ode to Kaiki

Title CardStay classy, Kaiki Deishuu. (source: pixivid 971852)

Back in my post about Hanamonogatari on Random Curiosity I joked that I could just have written the entire post on Kaiki. Only half-joked, apparently, because right here is a post devoted solely to one of the best characters in anime in recent memory. No, it’s not 1500 words–we’re not trying to dissect his character, just appreciate it.

Spoilers for everything in the Monogatari series regarding Kaiki. So basically Nisemonogatari, the last arc of Monogatari: Second Season, and Hanamonogatari.
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10 Shows from Summer 2014

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It’s that time of the season and a bunch of our senior writers over at Random Curiosity have revived the monthly review to give you an overall impression of how the summer (winter over here) has been: definitely go check it out.

As for me, I happened to have some notes for some shows I’m watching this season, so I thought I might as well write it up.
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