Why, America?

As an Australian, I’m something of an outsider when it comes to US politics. But our two nations are at least cousins, and our politics not that much different. Any Australian can tell you, it can get pretty low. We can relate to a distasteful election. What is harder to relate to is the complete crazy from aspirants to your highest office. I’m talking about Donald Trump. Of course I’m talking about Donald Trump.

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Don’t Call Me a Pirate, Call Me a… Corsair

Title CardThinking about it, the internet as we know it really is some sort of science fiction. (source: pixivid 2034628)

For those of you who don’t follow the news from Down Under (which one probably won’t do unless they live in the southern hemisphere), you may not know that recently the Australian government passed a law to censor the internet. That may be the most pejorative way to put it, but it’s the basic effect of what I consider to be a very poorly (and perhaps hastily) drafted piece of legislation. In short, rights holders can apply to a judge to have a website with the ‘primary purpose’ of facilitating internet piracy blocked. But I’m not going to spend much time debating the merits of the law—that’s a different piece for perhaps a different time, and the Americans in the audience can get up in arms about freedom of speech then. Instead, I’m going to use this space to talk about terminology. Why the term ‘piracy’ at all?
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Welcome to the Diogenes Club

So there’s nothing here yet. That’s fine, everything must start somewhere. And it might as well start with an intro post.

Hi there! I’m Passerby, the internet persona of a nerd in a room who writes. And that’s all this blog really is; the writings of a nerd in a room. I used to be the secondary writer over at http://yinnopiano.com/ but these days the main blogger is a ghost and the blog is mostly a wasteland. Over the week I’ll be working on moving my work from over there over here, for archival reasons. Then we’ll begin actually filling this place with new content.

What can you expect to read about here? If you enjoy computer games, anime and general geek-dom you might enjoy what you find. My interest is in the way stories are told in these various media, with the belief that something entertaining can also be something meaningful. Or, to cut away all pretentiousness: if something interests me I’ll write a spiel about it. Now, what one piece of media says to me may be very different from what it says to you, but I hope you’ll find these interpretations at least a bit enlightening.

By the way, I also write for Random Curiosity where you’ll find a lot of my writing in weekly-reaction format.